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Lou Sidella -Owner of Body One Fitness

After spending most of my life being uncomfortable with my weight, I finally hit the breaking point and did something about it. From being called every name in the book growing up to splitting my pants bending over to pick something off the ground while at work as an adult, I had had enough. I realized a few things: no one else was going to do this for me, and I had to hold myself accountable for my lifestyle if I wanted to change my body. I had tried many times to change my body and get fit, but after a few weeks, I’d make some excuse and end up failing. Pushing 30 years old, unhappy with my appearance and my job, and tipping out at 240lbs and 27.5% body fat, I finally decided now was the time.

​​I became certified as a trainer to gain the knowledge I believed I needed to do this on my own. Once certified, I spent the next 9 months trying to lose weight and get fit. Though I lost 40lbs and dropped my body fat to 16.5%, I was still uncomfortable; I knew I had done something wrong. I decided to seek professional help – someone who could push me

beyond my capabilities while helping me conquer my pitfalls, once and for all. With this help, I gained the courage to enter a 12 week before and after contest. This contest changed my life. Eight weeks into the contest, I had co-workers asking me to train them. I decided I’d give it a shot, and a few months later, Body One Fitness was founded. Years later, I was still able to maintain my results from the contest – 182lbs, 8% body fat.

I’ve realized over the years that we must hold ourselves accountable not just for our workouts but for our lifestyle. Also the power of visualizing the goal can be an effective partner as well as staying motivated to continue to pursue the life one wants.

I know what it is like to be uncomfortable in my own skin, embarrassed how I perceive myself, and that is a feeling I never want back. And it is that feeling I want to help others never experience again. Let Body One Fitness help you conquer your goals and break through to live in the body you’ve always dreamed of, rather than dream of the body you’ve always wanted to live in.

Hope to see you at Body One Fitness firing up a workout, visualizing and achieving your fitness goals!

Stay Motivated.

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