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Angie Nowell Body One Fitness

I was born and raised on the East Coast and have called So Cal my home since 2004. Upon arrival in California, I broke my foot and gained over 45 pounds throughout the holiday season. I understand the confusion of looking in the mirror and seeing a body that did not belong. I decided that version was not me, and I was going to change. I vowed to never go back. I lost the weight slowly over time and continue to work on new and different fitness goals.

​I have been a registered nurse since 2000, and my passion is to help other people succeed in their life journey, regardless of the topic. In 2015, I became ACE certified. I want to help teach other people proper technique and form to prevent injuries and maximize workout results.  This is a true blend of my nursing and fitness training skills.

Training at Body One Fitness since 2011 has taken me to a fitness level I never thought possible and has taught me that it only takes an hour a day to reach the results and goals that I set for myself.  Now coaching here at Body One, I want to pass this along to others.

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