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Covid-19 Protocols

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Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds before and after your workout.

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Avoid touching your face.

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Wipe down your equipment after each use.


Self-screen prior to training: symptoms or feeling sick? Please STAY HOME.

To ensure you feel comfortable and safe training with us here at Body One Fitness, below is a list of precautions and new protocols we are incorporating in our daily group training routine:

•  We have non-touchable thermometers at each gym if it is deemed necessary for us to take temperatures of our members prior to entering. We will be ready.

•  We have 200 washable masks; they will be available for the members for free. Unless deemed necessary to wear, it will be optional for everyone, including coaches.

•  We have 200 pairs of disposable latex gloves per gym for coaches to use during coaching and for cleaning between classes.  They will be available for members, if you’d prefer to wear gloves.

•  The coaches will use the 15 minutes between classes to wipe down bars, dumbbells, and kettlebells with either our wet wipes or the virus killer disinfectant.

•  We have upgraded our wet-wipes and will have 6 cases per gym when we open our doors (24 rolls @700 wipes per roll). And we are set up to receive 6 rolls (4200 wipes) per gym every 3 weeks. 

•  We have 24 liters per gym of heavy-duty disinfectant, which again we can use between the classes as well as our cleaning crew will use.

•  We have a total of 11 gallons of hand sanitizer. Each gym will have 2-24oz pump bottles placed at the desk and on the gym floor.  We also have a wall-mounted hand sanitizer just outside the restroom. 

• All our members must signup online, no walk-ins.

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