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Why we lunge

Welcome to the 3rd edition of the newly titled series “Why we…{exercise}”! 

Today we’re talking about why we do lunges. Lunges are an incredible single leg exercise to help with a myriad of things. Lunges have many variations and regressions/progressions so there’s no reason to dread doing lunges since there is always a way to make them achievable! 

Here are the benefits, just to name a few: 

  • Increase strength

Being a single leg exercise means that the intensity/difficulty of the movement is much higher. This exercise allows for you to focus on one side at a time to find out the balance of strength and increase the symmetry between the two. Also you’re building one glute and quad muscle at a time for optimal strength and definition. 

  • Increase ankle, knee, and hip stability : 

Loading one side at a time forces the ankle, knee, and hip ti figure out how to stabilize when they don’t have the other side to rely on. This can reveal imbalances and then allow for the opportunity to properly teach each side to stabilize on its own. 

  • Core strength : 

Doing lunges requires a certain amount of balance which in turn requires the core and hips to function together to create this. A main point when talking about form in a lunge is to keep a tight core so the movement doesn’t aggravate the lower back. 

  • Spinal Health: 

Loading and deloading the spine weighted or unweighted creates a stronger spine. Teaching the spine to be “uncomfortable” safely will allow it to be prepared for time in which that wasn’t the intention, thus it knowing how to bounce back and stay strong. 

Keep on lunging...weighted or unweighted, jumping or stationary, walking or reversed, enjoy! 

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