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What's Body One Cookin in the Kitchen- Immunity Edition

Lately poor air quality, viruses, stress, vitamin deficiencies and much more have been compromising our immune system. Here is your reminder to take matters back into your own hands and give you ways to strengthen and protect it! 

First let's give you context. “Your immune system is a complex network of cells, tissues, and organs. Together they help the body fight infections and other diseases. It defends your body against substances it sees as harmful or foreign and then recognizes an antigen so it attacks it. This is called an immune response. Part of this response is to make antibodies. Antibodies are proteins that work to attack, weaken, and destroy antigens.” (MedlinePlus)

So now that we know how important it is, here are some recipes to help strengthen and protect your immunity: 

Respiratory Garden Tea @sweetmountaintop farms 

Ingredients: (can be found at your local herb store/WholeFoods might have most of this/farmers market) 

Lemon Bee Balm 

Anise Hyssop







Heat water 

Pour over fresh herbs (big pot or tea kettle) 

Infuse for at least 10 minutes 


*honey could be a nice addition 

Another great tea option - Immune Boosting Herbal tea

Asian Inspired Chicken Soup

I’ve made this a number of times and it always does the trick! 

Filled with fresh simple ingredients and wonderful subtle spices! 

Immune Boosting Foods: 

  • Citrus 

  • Red bell pepper 

  • Broccoli 

  • Garlic

  • Spinach 

  • Yogurt 

  • Almonds 

  • Sunflower seeds 

  • Turmeric 

  • Green tea 

  • Papaya 

  • Ginger 

  • Shellfish 

  • Poultry (bones in stock) 


NOTE: No supplement will cure or prevent disease.

With the 2019 coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, it’s especially important to understand that no supplement, diet, or other lifestyle modification other than physical distancing, also known as social distancing, and proper hygiene practices can protect you from COVID-19. Currently, no research supports the use of any supplement to protect against COVID-19 specifically.

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