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Update vs Updated

To update or be updated…. In times like these, the amount of information being sent around is more than there has ever been. The decision to update others versus updating yourself gets convoluted. Jim hears that “A” happened but Sarah hears that “B” happened, and then Sarah tells Michelle “B” but she reads “D” from another news source, yet all this information is being circled around about the same topic. Hearsay is the easiest thing to fall prey to. The best way to keep your information simple and guided is to stick to a newsource and try to avoid the chatter from other people. Conversation/dialogue about circulating topics can be harmful or helpful to some. Be mindful of people's emotions and attitudes towards what's happening in the world.

The same can be said about diet trends, fitness trends, workout styles, etc. Social media, friends, family, news sources, etc can say a lot about a lot. It's up to you to decide what works for YOU and your life. Choosing who to follow on instagram, where to work out, what to eat and when to eat it, how to create your schedule, what to believe and what not to believe, it's all your choice. Obviously science backs many studies and things are just plainly scientifically true, but the rest of it is what you decide to take it as information and what information you decide to leave.

All in all, this is an important time to be kind to yourself and to those around you. Take the time, if possible (family obligations at this time are high), to take care of yourself. Go take a workout class, meditate, drink tea, make your favorite meal, do a face mask, do something artistic, read a book, listen to music, the list is endless. Your health and wellness journey doesn’t need to be put to a stop, you can create what that means for you right now.

Stay healthy and safe!

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