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Tips to Help Adjust to Daylight Saving Time

Here’s your friendly reminder that Daylight Saving Time is this weekend! Sunday March 8th at 2am to be exact. So let's talk about how to prep your body for the inevitable tiredness and somehow everyone is late to everything. This time of year we “lose an hour” of sleep. This means we need to account for that lost time and make sure we’re doing a good job of taking care of our bodies so we don’t fall ill. This lost hour can leave you feeling irritable and a sense of confusion, which can lead to getting sick, overeating for energy, not exercising, dehydration, anxiety, stress, and much more. We’re already a nation of sleep deprived individuals, we all know what this one hour will add to. Here are a few ways to make sure to stay on top of this pivotal week:

1. Go to sleep 15-30 min earlier than you would on Friday night - next Sunday night. This will help your body with the adjustment to this time change. You need some time to make up for that lost time. Avoid electronics/dim the lights at the end of the night and try either reading a book, taking a bath, light stretches, or meditating to put your body in a relaxed sleep ready state.

2. Stick to your routine! That 5am HIIT class, go do it! You walk your dog at 7am? Keep doing it! Dinner is usually at 6pm? Don’t change it! The worst thing you can do is adjust your whole routine to fit the new time change, your circadian rhythm will be very displeased. Keep the consistency going and your body will naturally adjust to the long daylight hours and the dark(er) early mornings.

3. And last but not least, don’t increase your caffeine intake. We’re all tired, we’re all cranky, we all didn’t sleep well that week. Increasing your caffeine will only contribute to the throwing off of your natural bodily rhythms. Caffeine increases heart rate, can create anxiety especially when tired, interferes with your appetite, and most importantly dehydrates you. During times when your body is going through changes, the most important thing is to keep HYDRATED! Filling your body with 3+ cups more than usual will only make matters worse. Stick with your normal amount and add in an extra glass of water or two throughout the day.

Let’s be nice to each other this upcoming week! We’re all going to be tired.


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