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Stretching Pt. 2 (Dynamic)

We’re back again for part #1 of this stretching series! Today we’re talking about Dynamic Stretching. According to Jane Chertoff of Healthline, “Dynamic stretches are active movements where joints and muscles go through a full range of motion. They can be used to help warm up your body before exercising. Dynamic stretches can be functional and mimic the movement of the activity or sport you’re about to perform. They can also be a series of movements to get the body moving before any type of exercise”. 

Most importantly, let's talk about how YOU,our Body One team members, use dynamic stretching everytime you come into the gym! Typically you’re getting prepared to do some time of high intensity interval training and/or a big lift. This type of stretching directly impacts the way you are going into these workouts given, the more prepared your body is for that type of movement, the better the workout will be. This is why we always start class off with a proper warm up that includes movement specific exercises and dynamic stretching.

Dynamic stretching allows for you to bring awareness to various parts of your body to find out what needs more attention , what feels tight/restricted/, and what might not be activating properly. Finding these things out BEFORE you workout is important to understand in order to most importantly help prevent injury and also prepare for your movement properly. 

Things to remember; breathe deeply through every movement, don’t rush, take an extra second to move your muscles and joints a little extra if it feels right, and feel free to get creative with the movements. 

To give you some context, here are some examples of dynamic stretching: 

  • Walkouts

  • High Lunge with a Twist

  • Low Lunge with Spinal Twist

  • High Kicks


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