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Let's Stretch!

So many of us have been participating in our Body One workouts and crushing it!! But let's not forget about mobility and flexibility. Yoga is a great way to decompress, recharge, stretch, meditate, strengthen, and recover! Here are some of the many reasons yoga is an incredible addition to your regime as well as some resources to get you going! 


1. Drains your lymphs and boosts immunity

: to fight infection and release toxins , helps with allergies as well 

2. Maintains your nervous system

: decrease stress, balance hormones, keep calm 

3. Increase digestive function 

: helps with symptomatic digestive issues, absorb the nutrients from your food, get rid of waste properly 

4. Meditative aspects 

: increase peace of mind, teaches proper breathing patterns 

5. Physical benefits 

:increase range of motion and flexibility of joints/muscles, increase elasticity, and strengthen the joints surrounding and keeping the muscles together. 


Happy Stretching! 


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