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Keep Calm when you get DOMS

DOMS - Delayed-Onset Muscles Soreness is muscle pain that begins after you’ve worked out. It normally starts a day or two after a workout. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, DOMS symptoms typically occur between 12 to 24 hours after a workout. The pain tends to peak about one to three days after your workout, and then should ease up after that. Acute muscle soreness is usually what you feel the same day after a workout. 

DOMS can be experienced by anyone no matter the fitness level after higher than usual intensity exercise bouts. For example if you're not used to a certain type of movement or if you increase the intensity by a lot of a movement that you are used to you may experience DOMS. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it's just your body's response to something more intense. Your body has the necessary response in place in order to heal the muscles and turn that soreness into strength and store that information related to that movement so when you do it again the response isn’t as intense. 

A typical reaction to DOMS is to halt all types of movement and be as still as possible. Even though you might be sore and somewhat in pain, its best practice to actually move at least a little bit. Do things like light stretches and deep breathing as well as a light walk until the soreness/pain subsides and you can get back to the high intensity movements. Other ways to treat DOMS include: self massage, topical analgesics, or a warm or cold bath depending on your preference. 

You probably want to avoid DOMS as much as possible so here are a few ways to prevent it: 

  • Stay hydrated : Before AND after your workout 

  • Properly warm up before any sort of movement but especially those you’re not used or high intensity 

  • Cool down: The worst thing you can do after a workout is just sit. It's important to slow down your body by taking a light walk and most importantly stretching.

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