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Goal Setting for the New Year

Now that we’ve entered 2021, many have already established their New Year’s resolutions. Some have a plan in place to reach those goals and some may not have the tools necessary or discipline to be consistent and actually achieve what they want to. So what we’ve included here are at least a few tools for you to use to get closer to reaching your goals, be them fitness related or not. Studies have shown that the act of writing things down (pen and paper not typing) solidify the thought even more than just talking about it. It makes you subconsciously hold yourself accountable.

Author Dustin Wax tells us more here, “Writing things down appears to help us remember the important stuff, and that the better our notes are the more likely we are to remember. When we write something down, research suggests that as far as our brain is concerned, it’s as if we were doing that thing. Writing seems to act as a kind of mini-rehearsal for doing. I’ve written before about how visualizing doing something can “trick” the brain into thinking it’s actually doing it, and writing something down seems to use enough of the brain to trigger this effect. Again, this leads to greater memorization, the same way that visualizing the performance of a new skill can actually improve our skill level”.

So, if you find that its hard for you to stick to your goals, maybe try writing them down in addition to or instead of just visualizing them. Here are a few templates to get you started. We’ll check in, in a few weeks to see how these sheets are working out for you!

SMART Goal Setting
Download PDF • 48KB

SMART Goal Setting 2
Download PDF • 60KB

January Journal Prompts
Download PDF • 28KB

Mind body spirit
Download PDF • 73KB

Happy Goal Setting!

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