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Goal Setting and Assessing

It’s been 4 months of #stayathome and oh, what a crazy time it has been. Just as no one could have predicted this happening, we didn’t as well. Schedules, time management, kids, family obligations, location, space, accessibility, mindset, health (physical/emotional), friends, and the list goes on, are just a few things that have been affected by COVID. 

We started the stay at home order as we were finishing the 2020 Body One Fitness Challenge. We were amped up to reach our goals by pushing through workouts and eating healthfully! For many of us, some of that grit, perseverance, desire, longing, etc has slowly dwindled during this time, and that is completely valid. Just know that you’re not alone and there are a team of Body One members here to help pick you up and cheer you on during that 6am HiVolume class.

Now that most of us have come to peace with the way things are or honestly maybe you haven’t and that's okay too, it's time to set some goals or reassess the ones we made before all of this started. 

Let's get into some action items :

  • Ask yourself, is this where I need to be?

  • If I continue on this path, will it lead to me reaching my goal?

  • Is there a legitimate reason why I have not yet reached my goal? 

  • If I’m not where I need to be, what do I need to do differently?

  • Who is best equipped to help me reach my goal? 

  • Now that I am where I should be, how do I ensure I can maintain momentum?

  • What are my benchmarks for measuring my success? 

  • How can I reward myself or celebrate my success?

  • When is a reasonable deadline for meeting this goal? 

  • Who can I lean on for support? 

  • Who can I support in pursuit of their goal(s)?

Note: These can be applied to any aspect of your life be it wellness or personal. 

Our challenge to you this Sunday is to reflect on these questions and take the time you need to come up with a plan. It may not be easy, it may take some time, but be patient with yourself just as you have with these last several months. The key to success is celebrating small wins and continuing down the path you’ve created! 

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