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Getting Out of Self

        During this time many of us have other people with us living at home (kids, spouse, parents, inlaws, etc), however some of us are on our own through this pandemic. You might be trying to figure out ways to pass the time other than work and your Body One workouts. It can be easy to constantly think about how this is affecting YOU and your life alone. This is not to say, we are all being affected in one way or another. I challenge you to think of others that may need your time but don’t know how to ask, those who could appreciate learning a new skill but don’t readily have that available to them, those who you don’t talk with on the daily but remember a time when you were inseparable. Check on those around you near and far, you might be surprised as to how great it feels to “get out of self” and help one another. 

If you’d like to take this further than a phone call, here are some great virtual volunteer opportunities for you to check out: 

1. Body One Blood Drive: Wednesday March 13th 10am-4pm 

28901 S. Western Ave Unit#109 RPV,CA 90275 

Enter code: BodyOneFitness  (not virtual but still helpful!) 

2. Volunteer Match has over 600,000 virtual volunteer opportunities! You can filter by interest such as health and medicine, education, and community building. 

3. Dorot: An organization that pairs individuals with the elderly population to alleviate social isolation among the elderly and homebound . “Webuild social connections between the generations during this global health crisis – a time when face-to-face contact is, unfortunately, no longer a safe option.” 

All it takes is a weekly phone call! 

4. Eldercare Locator: Or if you can help the elderly in person, this is a great way to be paired with one in your neighborhood that needs help! 

5. iCloudBe: If you’d like to virtually mentor a youth, this organization will pair you with a younger individual for you to mentor during the school year! 

Take care of yourself first and then help others! 

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