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Exercise Your Mind

We can exercise our bodies as much as we want, but if we’re not in the right mindset or haven’t “exercised” our minds, then all that progress can go to waste. Think of this as being proactive versus reactive. The times in which we see individuals give up on their fitness goals is when they didn’t have the right mindset to begin with or they created goals but didn’t keep mentally enforcing them. In this week’s article, we’re giving you the tools and suggestions of sports psychologists and life coaches so you can be proactive especially as we roll into the cold busy holiday months. 

Locke’s Theory of Goal-Setting puts intentions squarely at the center of our behavior (Locke, 1968). The act of setting goals and the thought we put into crafting them directs our attention to the why, how, and what of our aspirations. As such, they give us something to focus on and impact positively on our motivation,” says Catherine Moore, a psychologist for Positive Psychology. 

Here is Catherine Moore’s article “How to Set and Achieve Life Goals the Right Way”. 

Here’s a list of FREE printable goal setting worksheets: (we suggest you look at all of them before choosing since everyone’s way of doing it is different)

Goal setting apps: 

An age old way of staying accountable is to have a buddy to keep each other going. Grab a friend, a loved one, a stranger if you so please, and get to goal setting! 

If you fill out one of these worksheets, we’d love to hear your progress or even see it if you’re comfortable! Share it with us on instagram at @body1fitness

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