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Calm Amongst the Storm

        Hopefully many of you are fortunate to be able to continue working from home. If so, you might be sitting longer than usual. You might not realize you’re not drinking enough water, things need to happen around the house at unexpected times, the kids are home from school, and your work schedule is abnormal. This is a hard, stressful time for most of us and some are better at dealing with this than others. Here are some hopefully helpful tips to implement into your day-to-day to ease the chaos. 

  • Set a schedule for your normal workweek.

Make this schedule the same everyday so you know what’s next and those around you know as well. 

ie : 6-7am BodyOne workout 

      7-8am Get ready for the day 

      8-9 Make breakfast/Start kids on their schoolwork

      9-12 Work/School 

Etc etc.. everyones’ schedule will look different. 

Creating consistency amidst chaos has been proven to create a sense of ease. 

  • Maintain your previous healthy habits. 

Drink a lot of water, morning/nightly skin care routine, outdoor walks, spending quality time with family members/kids/loved ones, trying new recipes, workouts, reading a new book, drawing/painting, playing an instrument, and so much more! 

  • Share the housework.

Create a chore list that is visible to everyone in the house and even get the kids involved (maybe make it a game). 

You might feel like you need to take on all the tasks but sharing the responsibility will save any unwanted/unnecessary tension between household members. 

  • Play

This may seem like an odd thing to say, especially for adults. But many studies have proven that having “play time” even as an adult allows the release of stress, tension, sadness, and other such feelings. This can mean different things for everyone. Some examples are riding your bike carefree, playing tag with your significant other or kids, online video games, paint a picture with lots of colors, play a board game, or have a dance party in your room/house. Find something for yourself that gives you that feeling of “play” and enjoy!! 

  • If you find yourself sitting a lot, find reasons to stand and move. 

- Get a standing desk/Makeshift standing desk (if you’re feeling crafty)

- Do some dishes 

- Do 1-2 stretches every hour

- Walk around the block every couple hours to get some fresh air 

- Make a fresh cup of coffee/tea 

We hope you’re finding your own way of making this time easy for you! Keep your head up team! 

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