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Body Weight Exercises

Push ups are one of the most difficult movements for people to master. It is a full body movement incorporating the upper body (triceps, pectorals, and shoulders), lower back & core (pulling in abdominals: protecting the back and creating strength in the abs) , and lower body (engaging the glutes, quads, and hip flexors). Many individuals start with a regressed (beginner) version of the push up before moving on to a more progressed (advanced) version. Building strength takes time and patience with ones’ body. That time is different for everyone which is why it is important to be consistent and stay dedicated. 

According to a study by Yang, Christophi, Farioli, et al., men who were able to complete more than 40 push-ups showed a significant reduction in the incidence of cardiovascular disease over 10 years as compared to those who completed fewer than 10 push-ups. Being able to do body weight exercises is 1st step in moving on to weight training. Doing push ups, allows the body to understand how to move it through a plane of motion. Before one can push weight around, they should be able to push their body up and down off the ground. This can come in handy during daily activities and sudden occurrences as well. For example,  falling face first and needing to push yourself off the ground in order to get up would require a push up. 

Muscular strength is an integral part of maintaining your health.  According to the National Health Service of the United Kingdom, muscle strength is needed to maintain a healthy weight, assist bones in creating strength, manage blood pressure, and help with everyday movement. Body weight exercises are a great weight to train muscular strength before moving on to using weights. Exercises aside from push ups, include variations of squats and lunges. These movements are first mastered without weight and then added in down the line when ready. The body then becomes used to movements and requires a new type of stimulus to continue creating more strength. This is when new variations or weights are added. 

So, don’t skip those push ups during your hundreds of burpees you’ll probably do here at Body One Fitness! 


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