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Because the Flintstones said so

Growing up, The Flintstones told us to take our vitamins. We listened and ate those chalky chunks that our parents told us was “candy”. At some point down the road those chalky chunks turned into not so tasty giant horse pill vitamins that we still had to take in our teens. After some time, a large percentage of us stopped taking vitamins because it wasn’t something we saw as necessary post adolescence. Taking vitamins/supplements as an adult is a choice and sometimes a requirement from the doctor if you have a deficiency. Choosing the right vitamin for your needs should be done with a registered health professional, usually a dietician of sorts. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of vitamin/supplement brands that are recommended by various health professionals. Any decision to test out how these work for you should be consulted with your doctor prior. 

If you’re a big proponent of taking a daily multivitamin, here a few personalized brands to choose from: 

If you have been told by your physician or know for yourself a probiotic helps you, here are a few brands to choose from according to Sydney Greene, MS, RDN and other dietitians: 

Rachel Link, MS/RD also wrote an article “10 Best Vitamin Brands: A Dietician’s Picks” if you’d like to check that out as well! 

Stay healthy Body One team! 

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