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3 Reasons Why Working Out With Your Significant Other Is A Good Idea

Working out with your significant other has a myriad of benefits to your relationship. Some couples prefer working out on their own time, by themselves, or with their friends. However, if you’ve ever considered starting to align your schedules a few times a week, and get after it together, here are some perks you can expect to happen!

1. Spend quality time together

Both of you work full time, you have 2 kids at home that are in constant need of your attention, and the time you do have at peace you’d like to be by yourself. However, now you’ve forgotten about spending time with your partner. Working out together allows for you to spend quality time together, pushing each other to be better, conversing in between sets/reps, smiling and laughing, working towards a goal with one another. It provides the time and space to continue getting to know each other, enjoy your time, and get a workout in while you’re at it!

2. Built in accountability

You both haven't had much motivation lately to be consistent,you’ve come up with excuses time and time again. If you are both scheduling in a workout at the same time, you can hold each other accountable to reach your goals. “It’s always easier doing it with a friend (partner)”. A shared goal brings you closer!

3. Be happier in your relationship

When working out, we all release endorphins which are the happy chemicals! Experiencing this together is actually proven to create more long lasting happiness between couples. It creates a more in-sync emotional pace with one another which allows you both to feel like you’re compatible. This also relates to maintaining attraction with one another. If you see your partner actively working to improve their physical health it deepens the physical connection with them as well.


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