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3 Reasons Why HIIT Training is Effective

If you’ve been to Body One Fitness, then you know our workout program is HIIT style. One minute you’re doing burpee pull ups, the next you’re on an assault bike, and then doing kettlebell squats. In our workouts, you’re working to train certain movement skills while creating fluctuations in your heart rate and muscular use by switching between cardio style movements and strength training. We do a combination of body weight training, muscular training with weights, steady cardio, and interval cardio.

Benefits to HIIT:

1. When doing anaerobic interval training, your metabolism increases and you tap into your fat storage to use for energy. What’s even better is your body continues to keep the metabolism elevated and continue using the fat storage for energy for HOURS after your workout. In addition you’re constantly burning calories during the workout, AND after. Your muscles are also able to build and repair the tissue post workout. This whole process is called EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption).

2. HIIT training allows the body to undergo large amounts of stress and then learn how to recover quickly and effectively. The body creates a lot of metabolic waste during a HIIT workout and also needs to be able to release and flush it out at the same rate. This waste is usually the soreness you feel after a workout if you haven’t worked out that muscle(s) in a while. Being consistent in your training will teach your body how to manage and remove this waste instead of creating soreness.

3. And lastly, it’s a quick and effective way of exercising versus spending exorbitant amounts of time either figuring out an effective workout or doing one movement only (running, biking, strength training).  Not to say those movements aren’t effective, sprinkling in those single movement workouts are enjoyable and effective ways of also working out. Giving yourself time between HIIT workouts can be a great option depending on individually how your body recovers. When you’re on a fixed schedule, want to maximize your time, and get a highly effective workout in, doing HIIT can achieve those goals.


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