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Mike Zuanich


Born and raised in the South Bay, I have been lucky enough to call this beautiful place my home for most of my life. Like most kids here, I played just about every sport growing up: baseball, basketball, football, volleyball, and surfing. I was always active and to this day still enjoy playing all of those sports. When I got to high school, I chose to focus mostly on baseball and was recruited to play in college.

​I played my collegiate baseball at UC Santa Barbara, and it was there that I first was introduced to the benefits of a consistent workout regimen. Going in to school, I was 6’4’’ 195 lbs, had never really worked out and was not very strong, not the best athlete, and probably was not going to play much. When I got there, I knew I had to prove myself to everybody, so I made a decision to work just as hard in the weight room as I did on the field. I changed my diet, ate healthier, took care of my body pre and post workout, and set realistic goals. I was quickly bitten by the fitness bug and noticed a change not only in my appearance, but in my energy levels as I felt better and was more confident. By holding myself accountable and putting in the work, I was able to bulk up to 215lbs, won the starting Left Field position, played every single, had the 2 best years I have ever had, and was drafted by the Colorado Rockies in 2008. I went on to play 5 years in the Rockies organization before ending my career in 2013.

Since I saw the impact fitness had on my life, I wanted to pass along what I had learned to others. I became a NASM certified personal trainer and started working with young athletes in the area to teach them proper technique, form, and fundamentals of training. I continue to work with my athletes today, teach classes here on the weekends, and work a full time job in sales during the week. Like most of you out there, my time is very limited during the week, but at Body One I am able to get a killer workout in the hour I have before work. It also leaves me time on the weekends to go down to the beach, surf, take my dog for hikes, play golf and feel great doing it all!

Body One has helped me and many others like me achieve the results we are looking for; come on in and see what it can do for you! What’s your excuse not to??

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