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Meagan O'Donnell


Meagan’s journey started when she was 15years old; she was depressed and had anxiety through the roof. Her best friend was Little Debbie's Snack Cakes, so much to the point that she was 315lbs. One day, she woke up different and changed her diet. When she turned 21, she moved and wanted to begin dating, so she began her fitness journey with running. She built up the endurance to run three miles/day for a full year; she had lost 165lbs. and down to her goal weight of 150lbs, yet she was still so unhappy – hated the way she looked, and all her “saggy skin,” so she stopped running.


Fast forward to age 24, she moved a few times again and put 90lbs back on. Back up to 240lbs., her depression was in full swing again. This time, she asked for help and signed up with a CrossFit gym. Never being an athlete before, she feared hurting herself but stuck with it. Because she was overweight, she was naturally strong, because “you walk around in that body.” So, within six months, her squats and deadlifts were impressive, and she was inspired to keep going! The first time she deadlifted 200lbs., was the first time in her life she felt beautiful! That was when she knew she had to work in the industry. She had to help other people believe in themselves, have confidence, and achieve their dreams, so she got a job at the gym as soon as she could.


She continued to focus on her nutrition and began competing locally – she became an athlete for the first time in her life. This time, she had lost weight again, but with the muscle she had gained, she was down 147lbs. A year later, she got her CrossFit Level 1 Certification and started coaching classes – and loved it! Being on the floor and watching people dominant their goals is so inspiring to her that it has continued to help her want to learn and grow to be a better Coach. Since then, she has received her CrossFit Level 2 and Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification so that she can teach people how to eat to their lifestyle.


When the COVID shutdown happened, she stood in solidarity with her members and did not touch a barbell. The first time back in the gym upon reopening (in Oklahoma City at the time), she herniated a disc in her lower back, which took her over a year to recover. Since the higher intensity was a little too aggressive for her back, she took up Olympic Weightlifting for the slower pace. So, guess what Meagan did next? Two weekends ago, she got her USA Weightlifting Certification! She absolutely LOVES IT and hopes to compete in Weightlifting very soon.


Meagan has happily maintained her weight and understands how to eat for her performance. She absolutely can not wait to get to know you all more and share all her knowledge with you!

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