Joe Reava

My personal take on life is this: Grow constantly. Relish life. Demonstrate integrity.

Now this can mean a lot of things, such as constantly trying new things, showing appreciation for the good people in your life, etc., but that is a much deeper chat I’d be more than willing to have with you another time. Hopefully, you simply get a brief, yet deep insight into myself from this statement.

I was born in Lansing, Michigan, to a mother and father who created a loving family with 2 sons and 2 daughters. This means that as the 2nd son, I’ve totally got middle child syndrome. To some extent, that is advantageous to the people I coach, as it has contributed to my first philosophy: grow constantly. What that means is I’ll be relentlessly bringing you new knowledge and useful coaching methods, plus fun warm-ups and workouts.

As soon as I could walk, I jumped into athletics, and as far as I was concerned, it took them far too long to let me play on the school soccer team. Third grade is a long time to wait! Since then, I have pursued many sports, the most notable of which are beach/indoor volleyball, Muay Thai, Krav Maga, and Australian Football, which I currently play for the LA Dragons. (Come see a game some time. It’s good, dirty, and intense fun).

Working out, as we know it, really came into my life in sophomore year of high school, when I joined the strength and conditioning class and met some of my best, life-long buddies. At the time, I was about 6 feet tall and 126 lbs. So if you’ve got the “skinny guy” mentality, you and I need to talk. I went through my own personal struggle with how I viewed and labeled myself with stereotypes, which inhibited my ability to grow. I was able to have a massive breakthrough in 2008-2009, when I destroyed all of that negative self-talk (through a lot of hard work) and gained 20 lbs of lean mass over the course of 2 1/2 months. The mental transformation that this brought about is what drives me to spread that feeling of empowerment to others, as a change in fitness can lead to major life changes in all aspects of life, including personal, financial, and social. Fitness became my profession in 2012, when I obtained my first PT certification and began work as a personal trainer. I really hit my stride in 2014, when I got into the world of small group fitness instruction, and I have not looked back since.

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