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Our VISION is to become a household name in the fitness industry through positive member experience, continued education, and proven results. 

Join us in creating the best community in boutique fitness through daily challenges that will test the individual both mentally and physically. 

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  • Low Overhead - min, 1,500 square feet

  • Low cost of entry - initial franchise fee is only $30,000; $50,000 if two are bought at the same time

  • Ongoing training and support

    • Choosing your location​

    • Onboarding throughout opening process

    • Marketing

    • Uniform equipment in studio

    • Unique daily workouts and challenges written for you

  • Reliable business model
    • EFT (Recurring revenue)​
    • Class Packages (immediate cash transaction)
  • To Qualify:

    • Net Worth - $100,000 and $80,000 in Liquid Assets​

    • Total average owner investment is $159,450 - $252,300

    • Financing available to qualified buyers

Owner / Operator: This is your full-time job: coaching, selling, managing the facility; your hand is in everything. This will obviously have a higher profit margin.

Semi-Visible Owner: Has a close business relationship with the Manager. The Manager is there most of the time running the show and creating the Body One Fitness culture. If done correctly, this franchisee can keep their full-time job or focus on building their Body One Fitness territory.

Invisible Owner: Has a close business relationship with the Manager but is rarely, if ever, seen at the studio. This franchisee is focused on growing their Body One Fitness territory, developing the franchise brand, and pursuing big time results for the studios they own.


  • INTEGRITY Do the right thing even when no one is watching

  • PURPOSE To give our members unlimited opportunities to achieve their full potential

  • TEAMWORK Collective achievement through truthfulness, effort, and mutual respect

  • IMPACT Success serves all who walk through our doors

Your next steps to owning a Body One Fitness Franchise:

Please complete the form below to be contacted by a Body One Fitness Franchising representative

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How do you want to run your Body One Fitness?
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Thank you for your interest in Body One Fitness Franchising! We will be in touch with you shortly!




  • Hour long strength and cardio classes.

  • Small group training led by a coach.

  • Workout is for everyone, the beginner and experienced; can scale all workouts up or down to be challenging for all.

  • Four different class options.

  • A community!

  • "I've never been to a gym before, what can I expect?""
    Come to Body One fitness with a great attitude and the desire to put in a lot of effort, and we'll support you along the way! We are a functional training space (there are no stationary weighted machines). You're here to workout, and we're here to help you make that happen effectively, efficiently, and safely.
  • "What kinds of classes do you offer?""
    BodyCon: Want to burn extra calories? Need extra cardio work? How about a new stress reliever? This is the class for you! BodyCon is 45-60 minutes of heart-pumping, calorie-burning, sweat-dripping cardiovascular conditioning. An array of conditioning movements, indoor rowing, box jumping, jump roping, burpees, slamballs, wallballs, body weight moves, and the Rogue echo bike will be combined to give you exactly what is needed to take your conditioning and endurance to the next level. There will be no weight training involved in this class. All levels of fitness are welcome. Hi-Volume: This class combines an array of weight training movements, plyometric and core exercises along with a daily cardio challenge. You will utilize barbells, dumbbells, kettle bells, slamballs, plyo boxes, row machines, jump ropes and the Rogue Echo bike along with body weight set to various times and reps. Every day a different workout; every day a great challenge. All fitness levels welcome. Mobility: Improve flexibility and mobility in this one hour class with the use of foam rollers, lacrosse balls, bands, and more. This is a much needed class for all who train hard, sit at a desk or behind a wheel day after day. The more mobile and strong you are, the less you are prone to injuries and the opportunity for athletic performance is endless! ​ Weightlifting: Is your goal to improve strength, speed, explosiveness, and flexibility for a specific sport? Prepare for an Olympic Weightlifting Competition? Or, do you want to learn why weightlifting is not body building? Join this class and learn the correct way from the start, or build off of what you already know to reach a whole new level.
  • "What type of equipment will we use during a class?""
    Barbells, weighted slam balls, dumbbells, kettlebells, sleds, rowers, assault bikes, resistance bands, and of course your bodyweight!
  • "What should I bring with me to class?""
    - Wear athletic clothing and shoes - Bring a water bottle and a towel - Any additionally wear (gloves, sweatbands, etc) - Come ready to sweat! - A great attitude
  • "Last time I went to the gym I injured myself, what can you say to ease my mind this will be avoided from happening again?" "
    We understand that working out can be a source of fear for some, especially after battling an injury. Our coaches are highly qualified to tend to your modification or recovery needs. We are here to HELP and get you on track to living a healthy and active lifestyle. We are sticklers for form and will give you as much attention as we can, given this is a group setting. Always feel free to ask the coaches questions or express your concerns. Again, we're here to make sure you are working out effectively, efficiently, and safely in the space.
  • "My fitness level is higher/lower than most, will I still benefit from taking class with a variety of individuals at different fitness levels?""
    Absolutely! Given classes are inherently a group setting, we understand not everyone will be coming from the same fitness level. This is why we have structured our class to include the base workout, advanced challenges, and super advanced challenges; where hopefully one day we will all be tackling the super advanced challenge! Come check out a class and see for yourself!
  • "What makes you different from other gyms?""
    There's no fuss when you walk into Body One Fitness. We are a group of highly educated and professionally certified trainers. Your health and wellness surrounding physical activity is our primary focus and we are here to help you achieve your goals. While having an enjoyable time working out with fellow members of your community, you will be adding years to your life by getting stronger and moving safely. We save you time by providing you with a workout where you're in and out within an hour!
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