About Us

Body One Fitness is a private group training facility that offers High-Volume/High-Intensity strength and cardio conditioning workouts in small group classes. Our classes change each day and are a combination of weights-barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells- and cardio intervals that are designed for all fitness levels.  

Established in 1998, Body One Fitness has grown from the personal training business of founder Lou Sidella to two business locations teeming with clients pushing themselves, pushing each other to be one step faster, one rep higher, one goal closer than ever before.

Challenge yourself at one of our two locations - Redondo Beach or Rancho Palos Verdes - and B1 with your goals. 


Provide a safe, motivating, and welcoming community where individuals at any fitness level at any age can achieve their fitness goals.


Become a household name in the fitness industry through positive member experience, continued education, and proven results.  

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