Join the Body One Fitness 2020 Challenge, starting Sunday January 12th, 2020, to push yourself to become leaner, stronger, and increase your body conditioning! Group competition and encouragement are contagious and can push us to the next level, raising your own bar of possibilities! Last year’s challenge was a battle to the finish line. Let’s see who can climb to the top of the competition this year.

This challenge consists of UNLIMITED GROUP TRAINING for 3 months, plus 2 BodySpec Scans , one body scan at the beginning and one at the end to measure the weight loss, fat loss, and muscle gain!


1. Current members - $119 entry fee. This fee will cover your before and after body-spec testing on Sunday, January 12th, 2020 and Sunday, April 5th, 2020 (RPV) AND Saturday January 18th, 2020 and Saturday April 11th (REDONDO) 

2. Non-members can take advantage of our $479 contest rate. This covers your 2 body-spec tests and 3-months unlimited group training beginning Sunday, January 12th, 2020 OR Saturday January 18th, 2020. 

(once the entry fee is received you will receive an email with the BodySpec link and discount code to register for your time in January and April)

The Body Spec scan will be done at the start of the contest(1/12/20 RPV) (1/18/20 REDONDO) and at the end(4/5/20 RPV) (4/11/20 REDONDO). The results will detail your personal progress. Report results include lean muscle mass, body fat percentage, metabolic and muscle distribution, and bone density. You can track your progress in multiple areas with each scan. The post scans compare results of the previous scans and provide details of all your hard work!

*****Here is the link to our online store to purchase your entry fee!




Online Store >>Services >>Group Training>> Member Entry Fee OR New Member Challenge >>Checkout!



In addition to the participation in the challenge, there will be other challenges within! There is no requirement to participate in anything below. However if you'd like the chance to win prizes you must at least participate in the "Week 12" challenge.

A SOCIAL MEDIA aspect is included to the challenge this year and is mandatory to be considered as a winner.

Week 6- During Group Training

  1. Weight/Strength Challenge

  2. Cardio Challenge

**Winner of each (one male, one female) will receive 1-month Unlimited Group Training Free

Week 12- During Group Training

  1. Weight/Strength Challenge

  2. Cardio Challenge

  3. Body Composition test 4/5/20

**There will be one male and one female winner based on the combination of these 3 components. These winners will receive 3-month Unlimited Group Training Free

**To qualify for the challenge prizes you must average at least 3x/week participating in Body One Group Training Classes during the 12 week challenge.

Social Media

Along with the minimum group training component we have a social media component which includes one of the following to qualify:

A) On Facebook, check-in and post to our Body One Fitness page


B) On Instagram, post a picture of the board or video of working out during class using #body1fitness or tagging @body1fitness

(these social media posts must match the minimum 3x/week participation requirement)

We will have 2 different "weight/strength challenges", one during week 6 of the challenge and one at week 12. These challenges will be done DURING class time and will be announced at the beginning of those weeks. In addition, there will be a different cardio challenge on week 6 and one during week 12.



At Body One Fitness, we believe if you eat right and train right, you will achieve maximum results. We want to help create healthy habits that lead to a healthy lifestyle and maximum transformation. How far can you take your body by committing to a minimum of 3 classes a week at Body One Fitness and to eating properly?

We are excited to offer the following Moyer Meal Challenge 2020 specials:

2 weeks/ 36 meals for $400                                                      4 weeks/ 72 meals for $750

                                                           8 weeks/ 144 meals $1400

 Once purchased through our Body One Online Store(Click Products when checking out using the sign up link above ), Moyer Meals will contact you for special customization


"You bring the effort, we bring the results"- Body One Fitness

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